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Pardon our Blog Dust!!!

Miss T's foods blog is undergoing a huge overhaul and re-launch and we think you're going to love it!!! Miss T Foods blog focus is shifting to bring you quick actionable meal planning techniques, quick healthy eating hacks and crucial insights for cooking and eating healthy African and continental dishes. Based on what is really needed and the feedback we received on nutritional wellness we are creating a clear path to help people eat their way healthy on a path that is convenient and delicious. The new format includes clear illustrations and quick action steps to help you live your healthiest life...

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How I lost 40lbs with no exercise

In 2011 I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids (they are tumors, in your uterus, caused by hormone imbalance), by 2012 they were causing me major health problems. Extreme stubborn anemia, my hair was falling out in patches and I was constantly fatigued. Oh, I had other health issues. Stomach cramps/gripes, and indigestion after almost every meal and weight gain... chale I had started some small gym tins to try and get a hold of it.  I got inspired and informed to clean up my diet That summer I watched a bunch of "food as medicine" documentaries on Netflix  and I...

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Seasoned Oven Roasted plantains - Ghana Street Snacks!

Roasted Plantains are a quick roadside snack in Ghana. They are roasted on the side of the road in large metal converted coal pots. They are usually served with roasted groundnuts (peanuts to our non African readers :). Roasted plantains served this way are cut into large pieces (2-4 per plantain) or even roasted whole.  They are dry roasted and no seasoning or oil is added to them giving them a nice crunchy but dry surface/skin while soft and fluffy inside.  My variation therefore definitely departs from the Ghanaian roadside classic (Adɛn? Enyɛ dabiaa na yebe di nu classic? Se...

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How Miss T’s Ghana Shetor Mix came into being

The history of how Miss T's Shetor mix came into being. Foodie problem solver meets issues in shetor supply!

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Welcome to Miss T’s Blog

Here at Miss T’s we’re cooking old school Ghanaian flavors and serving them with new school healthy convenience. Choa is life, but guys, the food I’ve eaten has not always been good to me (hmmm… let me tell you!).  I’m coming back from a long journey of up and down food-related health issues.  I want to share my experiences and some of the healthy eating options and tricks I’ve found. I struggled to get here, but because of all the nonsense I feel I can make it simple kraa for you guys so anyone can follow. So that’s my plan,...

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