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Welcome to Miss T’s Blog

Here at Miss T’s we’re cooking old school Ghanaian flavors and serving them with new school healthy convenience. Choa is life, but guys, the food I’ve eaten has not always been good to me (hmmm… let me tell you!).  I’m coming back from a long journey of up and down food-related health issues.  I want to share my experiences and some of the healthy eating options and tricks I’ve found. I struggled to get here, but because of all the nonsense I feel I can make it simple kraa for you guys so anyone can follow. So that’s my plan, come make we chop, you go hear from me at least once a month.

I’m very happy to bring you tips on healthy meal planning, quick recipes, shortcuts to making your choa healthy, quick and easy. And not only Ghanaian dishes oh! I cook other healthy African dishes too. I’ll also be showing you some ethnic fusion recipes from across Asia, South America and the Middle east (Chinese fo so wɔ shitɔ ni bi! Na wonim? Aaahh wo diε gyina hɔ!).  I’ve enjoyed helping numerous friends to eat healthy, and I have cooked with people from all over the world. I’m hoping I can share the health and the wealth in new delicious dishes and combinations.

Across my blog, recipes and YouTube channel you’ll find:

  • Ghanaian and other African healthy meal tips and versions – Ghana aduani, always #1!
  • Various common foods/habits that have healed and hurt me over the years, no be all choa you for chop chale. Das all.
  • Great substitutes for everyday unhealthy food choices. Yε bε yε ni yiε, ε bε yε dε 😉
  • Healthy, always delicious recipes and easy fun meal plan ideas
  • Once-a-month-cooking (OAMC) plans, demos and storage tips. Chale OAMC dey beee!!
  • Lots of ethnic flavors (Asian, South American, Middle Eastern, African) fusion recipes
  • Then some choa too dey wey e choose. I’ll show you (mostly US) food products that have clean labels
  • Some plant-based diet tips as well. I’m flexitarian, not vegetarian, but you kno sey we all for chop more veggies.

I hope to learn from you as well, get healthier and make we all chop more delicious choa 😊

Join me, come and eat!


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