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Seasoned Oven Roasted plantains - Ghana Street Snacks!

Roasted Plantains are a quick roadside snack in Ghana. They are roasted on the side of the road in large metal converted coal pots. They are usually served with roasted groundnuts (peanuts to our non African readers :). Roasted plantains served this way are cut into large pieces (2-4 per plantain) or even roasted whole.  They are dry roasted and no seasoning or oil is added to them giving them a nice crunchy but dry surface/skin while soft and fluffy inside. 

My variation therefore definitely departs from the Ghanaian roadside classic (Adɛn? Enyɛ dabiaa na yebe di nu classic? Se wo nim mi? Hehe). Actually there are few characteristics that look a bit more like kelewele, our beloved small sliced, seasoned, deep fried ripe plantains. Kelewele is well seasoned, sweet and succulent, but it does absorb a good bit of oil in the deep frying process. 

These seasoned roasted oven plantains are the best of both worlds. Soft and succulent from a coating of oil, flavorful from copious amounts of delicious seasonings, yet they take up just a small bit of oil. Abrofu akɛsie akɛsie e nyinaa wo diɛ m'y'ɛn startie recipe prɛko.  Let's dive in shall we?

Ingredients are pictured.  These are all to taste, I have general recommendation in the ingredients list but you can't really go wrong. I'm using melted coconut oil but any oil will do.

Roasted Plantain Ingredients 

I used trader Joes' mixed onion and garlic salt but you can just use onion salt and garlic powder or any mix of dried onion, garlic and/or chives and add salt. There is paprika and red pepper in my cup here but you could add dried ginger or anything else that sounds good with sweet plantains.

This was sliced down the middle the long way and then diagonally.

A sliced plantain in its skin

All seasonings and oil added, coat well.

 Sliced plantain seasoned in bowl

Spread them out on the parchment paper to broil. If you use foil, crumple it first to prevent sticking. Ripe plantains can be difficult that way.

Sliced seasoned plantain on parchment paper baking sheet

Flipping them to brown the other sides really is optional. Delicious either way.

 Roasted plantain on baking tray

Miss T's Seasoned Oven Roasted Plantains


Plantains (ripe ones)
Melted coconut oil (2 tablespoons per plantain)
Onion powder (to taste, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp per plantain)
Garlic powder  (to taste, 1/8 - 1/4 tsp per plantain)
Salt (to taste, generous pinch per plantain)
Red pepper powder and paprika (to taste, 1/8 - 1/4 tsp each per plantain)
Ground dried ginger - optional (to taste, 1/8 - 1/4 tsp per plantain)


Slice plantains

Mix in seasonings and add oil to coat

Spread out evenly on parchment paper (or on crumpled foil) on a baking tray

Broil in oven on high for about ten minutes or until browned (Watch them! Ovens vary.  :)

Flip and broil for 2-3 more minutes (optional)



 Plated seasoned roasted plantain with Miss T's shito


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