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How Miss T’s Ghana Shetor Mix came into being

I am a self-proclaimed and lifelong foodienne (fiti primary school!) but I am also a time efficiency expert and analytical problem solver.  I developed this dry mix as an answer to a few annoying problems (can you see my face? Mese... very annoying lol) that I and my friends were having as Ghanaians living in different towns in the United States:

  • The (unreasonable) amount of time and energy it takes to cook shetor from scratch
  • Inconsistent access to shetor ingredients (chale, we were driving to other cities for ingredients! No joke.)
  • The taste of some of the prepared shetor we found. Shetor no be ‘stew’… enough said.
  • The poor quality and unhealthy types of oil used to make commercial shetor (Oh ho! used oil! Ɛnye oooh!)
  • Having to be sparing with my shetor when I buy it because I have to go and look for it again in some store

Miss T’s West African Pepper Sauce mix / Ghana Shetor mix is an answer to all of these issues and the product of many, many months of research and experimentation. A gourmet dry spice mix that cooks up in minutes to a delicious shetor sauce. You only moisten with water and fry briefly in oil.

This sauce has been my first serving of the exquisite flavors we enjoy from the African continent that I am sharing worldwide. Ghana aduani! Onuaaani!  

Miss T’s West African Pepper Sauce mix is currently sold on two continents.


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