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Miss T's Shetor Mix Reviews

Plated food and three product reviews
Read some actual solicited and unsolicited reviews for Miss T's Pepper sauce mix (Ghana Shetor Mix). And then try a packet yourself and add your voice to the movement!

Formal Website Product Reviews:

I was absolutely excited when I cut my sachet open, made my base mix with water and left it to stand for 2 minutes as instructed. The excitement went up a notch when I poured in the oil and stirred the mixture. My excitement levels went through the roof as i watched the mixture get darker in the microwave after each 1 minute session. Then it was ready. Mmmmmmm...I made my Gari, bust open my tuna and garnished my plate. This little sachet just took me back 25 years to when I was in boarding school in Ghana.

Thank you Miss T, my shitor woes are over :-)

- F. Amankwah

I found the cooking directions easy to follow and the heat levels to be accurately represented. The taste was exceptional. The packet made a sizable quantity to enjoy for multiple meals. What a great convenience and tasty too. I highly recommend this product to everyone.
- S. Nkrumah

Miss T's has been a godsend. Over the years I have lived in the US I have always been stingy and sparing with my shito use because I'm not always sure I will have some when I run out, and I'm too lazy to make it myself. Now, in less than 15 minutes I have my shito without leaving the house. I always make sure I have a packet in my pantry before I run out, because I put it on everything, and it runs out fast. For me, I like my food with a kick, and my family doesn't. So instead of doing double duty in the kitchen, I just cook once for the family, and then put some Miss T's on my plate. Goodbye vinegary hot sauces!! Yum.
- O. Ahanotu

Unofficial feedback (people messaged Miss T after trying the product)

I had the sauce with stir fried brown rice in the morning, Now I am eating it with angel hair pasta. Both were very good!
-J. Lee

This sauce is awesome!
- D. Milanovic

M. used your sauce on our dinner....it's so good!!!!! Had it on fish and shrimp. Oh yes!!- delicious. Her friend K. doesn't even eat Fish, she even said "I don't like fish!" But she went back for thirds when she ate salmon with Miss T's on it!!!
- A. Vingo

Excellent shito kraa!
-E. Krofah

Oh! I did try your pepper sauce. It was GOOD!!! I put it on when I made a noodle soup.
- H. Kim 

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the sauce you gifted me. I really enjoyed it. It was a slightly different flavor and I must say the spicy kick was a welcomed treat. You mention it was used as an African go to condiment so I applied it to a burger. I enjoyed it and will be using it on my lunch today.
Its a great alternative to using something as plain as ketchup. I can also see it as a good marinade.
- W. Tyson

I made the hot pepper, it is a great product. Will definitely recommend time and time again [Thumbs up]
- A. Milner