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Miss T's Shetor Mix FAQs

Pepper sauce (shetor) mix FAQs

How do I make less than a packet?

Just add 1 part of dry mix to ½ part of water and 1 to 1½  part oil..

Example: So ½ cup dry mix, with ¼ cup hot water, and ½ to  ¾ cup of oil (this should make half the 6oz packet). Easy kraa, easy, easy. How much do you want to make? Click here for a preparation portions chart.

When do I add the red pepper blend if I make a hotter version?

Add the red pepper to the dry mix (Eh! Shishiishi! Chale more power :). You can also add more red pepper at any time you want during cooking.

Should I make my Shetor sauce ahead of my meal or event?

Your sauce is delicious as soon as you put it together but your flavors do blend and meld more over the hours after preparation. Making it early is also a good idea. Wo pɛ sɛ wo yɛ n'ntɛm a... kɔ so.

Why are the mild sauces so mild?

Because you can always add more but you can’t take it out! Miss T’s Ghana Shetor mixes are prepared so you can make it your way.  Some of your people too no dey like pepper plenty plenty. Any additional heat we blend into the mix reduces the range of customizability for our wonderful customers.

How much red pepper should I put in half of the regular 6oz packet?

You would put half a tablespoon of red pepper blend in half of a mild package to obtain the hot packet spice levels. Click this link for a preparation portions chart

Will my sauce be ok if I don’t start it with hot water?

 Your sauce will be fine. The hot water helps your dry mix to rehydrate quickly and distribute your flavors so it may take longer for your sauce to fully steep, however it will be absolutely delicious after a few minutes of cooking even if you start it with cold water. How aaah you go do, you no fit spoil am.

Can I keep cooking the sauce after nine minutes?

If you like your sauce darker you may cook it longer. Just keep a medium flame and taste frequently for burning. Just no lef am go.

Are there any artificial ingredients in Miss T’s Ghana Shetor mix?

There are no artificial ingredients in our sauce mixes. Only real quality ground spices with no additives, preservatives or MSG. 

Do I have to refrigerate my pepper sauce?

We recommended that you refrigerate your prepared sauce. It will stay fresh outside the fridge for months but you should ensure a layer of oil remains on top if you wish to keep it this way instead of in the fridge. Always use a clean, dry spoon in your sauce.

How long can I keep my pepper sauce?

Prepared sauce is good for a few months. Dry mix is fine for a few years as all ingredients are fully dried. You... no shaking... e no go dey, you go chop am!

  Why is Miss T’s Shetor mix spelled “Shetor” and not “Shito” as most Ghanaians usually spell it?

Two reasons. 1) Miss T’s mix is not shito. It is a gourmet dry spice mix to easily make shito sauce and as such has a ‘designer’ spelling vs. ready-made shito. (Aaaa... n'anka wonim aduani gourmet special saa wahu?! Saaaa :) 

2) For linguistic and cross-cultural compatibility. The e instead of i reduces the subconscious association in English with the s word, and likewise the ‘or’ instead of ‘o’ on the end helps foreigners pronounce it correctly when they see it (since I can't use an ɔ).

Preparation by portions chart


Dry Mix



Pepper Blend (optional to taste)

Single serving

2 tablespoons

1 tablespoon

3 tablespoons

½ teaspoon

1/4 packet

¼ cup

2 tablespoons

¼ cup

¾ teaspoon

1/3 packet

1/3 cup

1/6 cup (2tbsp+2tsp)

1/2 cup

1 teaspoon

½  packet

½ cup

¼ cup

 ¾ cup

½ tablespoon

6oz packet

1 cup

½ cup

1½ cup

1 tablespoon

1.5lb packet

4 cups

2 cups

6 cups

¼ cup