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Who is Miss T?

Well, she's a Ghanaian American, living in America.

Miss T always ate quite healthy but then she became very sick. Hormones, thyroid, tumors, fatigue. Y'know... the standard chronic illnesses :(

Miss T portraitIn 2012 she seriously cleaned up her diet, lost 40lbs, and started to get better. It was trial and error over the years but she stayed fit and healthy for four years. In 2016 she relaxed her diet a few ways and got worse again!  She was forced to figure out exactly what she needed to keep sickness from her body. Then she became very angry that she never actually knew how her original 'healthy' diet was so bad for you.

But it all works out in the end because Miss T has always loved to feed people. And now she wants to show you how easy it can be to eat clean. To show everyone and anyone who will listen. And she's starting with her fellow Africans.

Miss T developed a quick, easy and clean version of the deliciously famous Ghanaian Shetor sauce. Try it here. And she established Miss T's International Foods to share the knowledge and the flavor with everyone.

 So it's been a long hard road... but she's just getting started. Join her in the journey to make it easy for us all to eat well, stay healthy and save our time!